Mercedes’ Expansion Sparks Controversy and Concern in Northamptonshire

Mercedes' new expansion plans in Northamptonshire have stirred significant unrest, causing alarm over potential traffic disruptions.


By Ben Bush
Updated on January 17, 2024

Mercedes 2024 F1 Expansion

Controversy surrounds Mercedes’ announcement of expansion plans, which are expected to bring significant changes.

In Brackley, Northamptonshire, the Mercedes team’s planning application has agitated local businesses due to concerns about increased traffic during peak hours.

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The proposal involves creating a new access point, which is expected to significantly increase traffic on St James Road—estimates suggest an increase from 57 to 528 vehicles in the morning and from 50 to 297 in the evening.

This new access point is intended to replace the existing Lauda Drive entrance. The detailed plans for this expansion are scheduled to be reviewed by the West Northamptonshire Council on January 9, as reported by the Northampton Chronicle.

Simon Wheeler, managing director of a local company, expressed his concerns to the Chronicle, highlighting the potential impact of Mercedes’ plans.

“If you’ve got several hundred cars first thing in the morning and last thing at night trying to enter and exit the site it’s going to cause absolute pandemonium. Our customers, our suppliers, or our employees all of a sudden could be having to leave home earlier to avoid getting caught up in everyone else’s traffic.”

Further developments by Mercedes

In addition to the traffic-related changes, Mercedes intends to expand into new building spaces, enhance on-site parking facilities, and aims to increase its workforce from 1,400 to 1,900 employees over the next five years.

A Mercedes-AMG F1 spokesperson assured the Chronicle that all necessary procedures, including consultations with the Planning Department and a period of public consultation, have been followed during the planning application process.

“In addition, we have had lengthy consultation with both the Local Highways Department and the National Highways Agency who have audited and verified our independent traffic surveys. We have also consulted with local Emergency Services and agreed a plan of road enhancements to ensure easy egress if required in an emergency from St James Road.

“The concerns raised by the specialist highways consultant employed by one of the local businesses have been reviewed to ensure that the proposed works have the least possible impact on the business. This approach has been agreed with the local Highways team.”

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