F1 Circuits

The Formula One World Championship’s history dates back to 1950. Since then a total of 69 circuits have hosted at least one F1 Grand Prix.

Circuit Country First Grand Prix Circuit Length Status
Australia 1996 5.278km Current
Mexico 1963 4.304km Current
Italy 1980 4.909km Current
Brazil 1973 4.309km Current
Italy 1950 5.793km Current
Bahrain 2004 5.412km Current
Azerbaijan 2016 6.003km Current
Spain 1991 4.657km Current
Monaco 1950 3.337km Current
Belgium 1950 7.004km Current
Canada 1978 4.361km Current
USA 2012 5.513km Current
Netherlands 1952 4.259km Current
Spain 2026 5.474km Upcoming
Hungary 1986 4.381km Current
Saudi Arabia 2021 6.174km Current
USA 2023 6.201km Current
Qatar 2021 5.419km Current
Singapore 2008 4.94km Current
USA 2022 5.412km Current

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