Las Vegas Strip Circuit


Las Vegas Strip Circuit


  • 50 Laps
  • 2023 First Grand Prix
  • Las Vegas Grand Prix Grand Prix
  • 6.201km Circuit Length
  • 309.958 km Race Distance
  • 1:35.490 Oscar Piastri (2023) Lap Record

The 2023 Formula 1 season introduced a thrilling new addition to its calendar with the debut of a circuit in Las Vegas, famously known as the “City of Lights.” This new track was not just a regular addition to the F1 roster but an extraordinary one, as it included a route through one of the world’s most iconic and vibrant locations — the Las Vegas Strip.

This Las Vegas circuit was designed to showcase the best of the city’s dazzling urban landscape. Racing along the Strip, drivers and spectators were treated to a backdrop filled with world-famous hotels, casinos, and landmarks, turning the race into a high-speed tour of one of the most renowned streets in the world. Including the Strip in the circuit layout ensured a unique blend of high-octane racing and entertainment synonymous with the spirit of Las Vegas.

Las Vegas Strip Circuit

First Grand Prix2023 Las Vegas Grand Prix
Number of Laps50
Circuit Length6.201km
Race Distance309.958 km
Lap Record1:35.490 Oscar Piastri (2023)


When was the Las Vegas Strip Circuit built?

The circuit for the Las Vegas Grand Prix, a new and exciting addition to the Formula One calendar, was designed by Carsten Tilke. Carsten, following in the footsteps of his father, Hermann Tilke, a renowned figure in the world of Formula One circuit design, brought his own expertise to the creation of this unique racing track.

The construction of this circuit commenced in March 2022, marking the start of a significant project in the heart of Las Vegas. The design and development of the track were influenced by the unique challenges and opportunities presented by the Las Vegas landscape, including integrating the course with the city’s famous streets and landmarks, particularly the Las Vegas Strip.

Carsten Tilke’s involvement in the project signified a continuation of the Tilke family’s legacy in Formula One circuit design. Hermann Tilke has been instrumental in designing many modern circuits on the Formula One calendar, and Carsten’s work on the Las Vegas circuit added a new chapter to this legacy. His design was expected to incorporate elements that would challenge the drivers while providing an exhilarating experience for the spectators. Racing through a cityscape at night, under the neon lights of the Strip, requires not only speed from the drivers but also precision and adaptability on the slippery and cold track.

The Las Vegas Grand Prix also represented another strategic move by Formula 1 to expand its footprint in the United States, where the sport has gained significant popularity. Following the success of the races in Austin, Texas, and Miami, Florida, the Las Vegas race aims to solidify F1’s presence in the U.S. further and attract a new fan base.

When was the first Las Vegas Grand Prix?

Las Vegas has a history with Formula 1 racing dating back to the early 1980s. Las Vegas hosted its inaugural Grand Prix in 1981, followed by another race in 1982. These events were significant as they were the season finales for both years.

In the 1981 Las Vegas Grand Prix, Williams driver Alan Jones took the win, and in 1982, the race saw Michele Alboreto, racing for Tyrrell, achieve his first-ever victory in Formula 1. Aside from the race winners, these two Las Vegas races were pivotal in both years’ Drivers’ Championship battles.

In 1981, Nelson Piquet clinched the Formula 1 World Championship title with a fifth-place finish in the race. Similarly, in 1982, Keke Rosberg secured the championship, finishing fifth in the Las Vegas race. These outcomes underscored the strategic importance of the Las Vegas Grand Prix in the championship contests of the early 1980s.

The Caesars Palace Grand Prix was unique in its time, held in a carpark and being one of the few Formula 1 races held in the United States, bringing the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas to the forefront of international motorsports. However, after the 1982 race, Formula 1 did not return to Las Vegas for several decades until the recent introduction of the new Las Vegas Strip Circuit.

The first Las Vegas Grand Prix on the Las Vegas Strip Circuit took place on the 16th of November, 2023.

The circuit was also officially inaugurated on November 16, 2023, aligning with the weekend of the first-ever Las Vegas Grand Prix. This timing was strategic, allowing the track’s grand opening to coincide with one of the most anticipated events in the Formula One season. The inaugural race on this new circuit was a significant event for Las Vegas and a landmark moment for Formula One.

Las Vegas Strip Circuit lap record

The official lap record for the current F1 Grand Prix circuit layout is 1:35.490, set by Oscar Piastri during the 2023 Las Vegas Grand Prix driving for McLaren.