Ferrari Fires Up 2026 F1 Power Unit

Ferrari has reportedly started the first test of its power unit designed for the upcoming 2026 Formula 1 regulations.


By Ben Bush
Published on December 27, 2023

Ferrari 2026 F1 Power Unit

Ferrari has reportedly started the first test of its power unit designed for the upcoming 2026 Formula 1 regulations, achieving the milestone two years before these rules are set to kick in.

The 2026 season of Formula 1 will introduce a set of significantly revised power unit regulations. These will maintain the current 1.6-litre V6 turbo framework but will increase the electric energy recovery systems to 50 per cent of the total power output while eliminating the MGU-H component.

Despite the new regulations being more than two years out, Ferrari has hit this major milestone early in firing up an initial prototype power unit.

Recent news from Motorsport Italy reveals that Ferrari has successfully started its newly developed F1 power unit, aligning with the 2026 regulations, just before the Christmas break. The initial feedback is reported to be encouraging.

Under the guidance of Wolf Zimmerman and Enrico Gualtieri, this prototype power unit won’t be used in actual races but serves as an early indication of the progress of the project.

According to the report, Ferrari’s focus is mainly on the engine’s combustion phase, especially considering the upcoming shift to sustainable fuels in 2026. Their collaboration with AvL, a company in Austria known for its extensive expertise in hybrid engine technology, is proving beneficial for Ferrari.

The upcoming two years are expected to be a period of exploration and innovation for Ferrari, with several iterations of the initial 2026 power unit anticipated during the first stage of development.

The report also suggests a positive outlook within Ferrari’s racing department regarding the potential of their 2024 season F1 car, presently referred to as Project 676, which is set to be unveiled on February 13th.

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