Ferrari Sets Unveiling Date for 2024 F1 Car

Ferrari has become the first team in Formula 1 to declare the launch date of their 2024 car, scheduling the reveal for 13 February.


By Ben Bush
Updated on February 5, 2024

Ferrari Unveil 2024 F1 Car Date

Ferrari has emerged as the first Formula 1 team to publicise the launch date for its 2024 car. The much-anticipated unveiling of the new season’s challenger is set for 13 February 2024.

During a press conference in Maranello, team principal Frederic Vasseur announced that Ferrari will present its 2024 car, code-named the 676, on that date.

“The launch will take place on the 13th of February, the day before the Valentine’s Day,” Vasseur revealed. “You will see the rest [of the details, including the car’s name] on that day.

“Why? Because we will have one day more before the [Bahrain pre-season] test,” he quipped. “No, it’s quite tight, more seriously. We have the test a bit before [its 2023 slot] and it’s quite a challenge to put everything together.

“It means that we had no other option. I think also that some other teams are doing it on the 14th, but it’s quite challenging to be all ready for Bahrain.”

At the 2023 Fiorano event, there was much anticipation for Ferrari’s SF-23 to correct the shortcomings of its initially promising 2022 car and potentially compete for the world championship.

However, these hopes were not realised as Red Bull dominated nearly all of the 22 races in 2023, with Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz being the sole driver to prevent a complete Red Bull sweep with his victory in Singapore.

Vasseur had previously acknowledged that setting such lofty expectations was an error they intended to avoid in the future.

Consequently, when questioned by the Italian press, the French team principal refrained from making any bold claims about Ferrari’s prospects in 2024, mindful of the passionate expectations of the Tifosi.

“I don’t have to promise something,” he responded. “The best way is to be focused on what we are doing to deliver.

“The Christmas gift for them will be if we’re able to do a good job in March, not for Christmas. On Christmas the gift is just based on promises and I don’t want to make promises.

“We’ll see in March if it will be the Easter gift.”

Ferrari narrowly missed beating Mercedes to second place in the Constructors’ title by just three points following a challenging start to the season. Although Vasseur acknowledged that third place falls short of Ferrari’s standards, he found encouragement in the team’s enhanced performance during the latter half of the season. This period included Sainz’s victory, five pole positions, and five podium finishes.

“I’m quite proud of the reaction of the team during the season as a group,” he added. “We had a tough first six months until Monza, and the reaction was a good one.

“It means that as a group we work pretty well.”

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