Barcelona Remains Confident Of Extending F1 Future

Roger Torrent, Minister of Economy and Employment for Catalonia, remains confident of a Grand Prix at Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya.


By Ben Bush
Updated on February 8, 2024

Barcelona Remains Confident Of Extending F1 Future

Despite Madrid’s recent addition to the Formula 1 calendar from 2026, the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya remains optimistic about its future in the sport.

Roger Torrent, Catalonia’s Minister of Economy and Employment, has expressed his trust in the circuit’s ongoing relationship with Formula 1 and their commitment to updating and improving the facility.

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Key Points

  • The Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, currently contracted with Formula 1 until 2026, is in discussions about extending this agreement, as confirmed by Roger Torrent.
  • The arrival of Madrid on the F1 calendar is not seen as a threat to the Barcelona circuit, with its relationship with Formula 1 considered independent and robust.
  • Torrent highlighted their dedication to upgrading the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya and noted the potential for both Barcelona and Madrid to host Grand Prix events in the future.

The Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, a well-established F1 circuit, is adapting to the new dynamics introduced by Madrid’s entry into the F1 schedule in 2026 with the Circuito IFEMA Madrid. The Barcelona circuit’s management remains unperturbed by this change. In an interview with RAC1, Roger Torrent, Catalonia’s Minister of Economy and Employment and president of the Circuit de Barcelona, responded to queries about the future of the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya in the wake of Madrid’s addition to the F1 calendar, stating:

“We have a contract until 2026, included, and we are working, as Stefano Domenicali himself said, to extend this contract that will allow us to enjoy Formula 1 in Catalonia for many more years.

“We are in talks. We have been talking for a long time, but we are following our own pace. The relationship between Formula 1 and Catalonia is defined only by Formula 1 and Catalonia, there is no element that makes us accelerate or that puts more pressure on us. It is a positive, excellent relationship that has lasted for years.”

The current negotiations to prolong the contract past 2026 indicate a shared desire to maintain the partnership.

Furthermore, Torrent underscored their dedication to improving the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, commenting:

“We have with a new impetus for the circuit and the will to modernise the facilities that we are fully committed to it and want to make it a great event. We will host a Grand Prix in 2024 and the relationship is good, I would even say excellent.”

Stefano Domenicali, the CEO of Formula 1, has also suggested the potential for both Barcelona and Madrid to host Grand Prix events in the coming seasons.


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