Leclerc Commits to Ferrari with Extended F1 Contract

Charles Leclerc has renewed his Ferrari contract, inking a new multi-year deal to stay with the Scuderia for the foreseeable future.


By Ben Bush
Published on January 26, 2024

Charles Leclerc New Ferrari Contract

Without revealing specific details, Ferrari has confirmed that the new agreement with Leclerc will extend his tenure with the team beyond the anticipated regulatory changes in 2026.

“I’m very pleased to know that I will be wearing the Scuderia Ferrari race suit for several more seasons to come,” Leclerc said.

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“To race for this team has been my dream since I was three years old: I used to watch the Monaco Grand Prix from the window of a friend’s apartment at Ste. Devote corner and I would always look out for the red cars.

“This team is my second family ever since I joined the Ferrari Driver Academy in 2016 and we have achieved a lot together, fighting through thick and thin over the past five years.

“However, I believe the best is yet to come and I can’t wait for this season to start, to make further progress and be competitive at every race. My dream remains that of winning the World Championship with Ferrari and I’m sure that in the years ahead, we will enjoy great times together and make our fans happy.”

After starting his Formula 1 career with Alfa Romeo in his 2018 rookie season, Charles Leclerc, a long-standing Ferrari junior driver, made the move to the Maranello-based team in 2019.

At 26 years old, Leclerc secured his first two victories with Ferrari in the same year, triumphing in Belgium and Italy, and has since racked up three more wins despite Ferrari’s challenges in matching the pace of Mercedes and now Red Bull.

Leclerc’s five victories are complemented by 23 pole positions, showcasing his exceptional speed even as Ferrari faces difficulties maintaining competitiveness throughout entire races.

Recognising his significant contributions and inherent speed, team principal Fred Vasseur has emphasised Leclerc’s essential role at Ferrari. This belief solidified the team’s commitment to securing his presence for the foreseeable future.

“Charles’ bond to the Scuderia goes beyond that of just a driver and a team, as he has been part of the Ferrari family for eight years now, dating back to a time before he first sported the Prancing Horse emblem on his race suit,” said Vasseur.

“His values and those of our team are intertwined and so it was natural for us to be in agreement on extending our collaboration.

“We know him for his incessant desire to push himself to the limit and we appreciate his extraordinary abilities when it comes to fighting and overtaking in a race.

“We are determined to give Charles a winning car and I know that his determination and commitment are elements that can make the difference in helping us reach our goals.”

Leclerc’s existing contract with Ferrari was scheduled to conclude at the end of the approaching 2024 season, leading to conjecture about his continued association with the team.

Similarly, his teammate Carlos Sainz is facing uncertainty about his career trajectory. The Spanish driver seeks confirmation about his position with the team before the upcoming season begins next month in Bahrain.

“Obviously I want to renew and I’d like to renew for more than one year, not just two,” the 29-year-old Spaniard said of his desire to secure a long-term deal. “I feel perfectly valued by Fred and by the whole Ferrari family in general, I feel loved.

“Therefore, I will renew if I feel that way and I feel that I am valued. I am convinced that if we both want to, we will reach an agreement on a duration that I am happy with.”

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