Fresh Speculation Over Audi’s F1 Entry: The Latest Developments

The saga continues with Audi's speculated withdrawal from their forthcoming F1 venture, reignited by recent reports from Bild.

Mark Phelan

By Mark Phelan
Updated on February 23, 2024

Audi F1 Bid

The narrative around Audi’s potential retreat from their planned F1 entry has become all too familiar, with rumours resurfacing periodically. This time, Bild has reignited speculation with news of Oliver Hoffmann, the Chief Development Officer, potentially parting ways with Audi.

Various German media outlets report that Hoffmann’s departure is due to disagreements with CEO Gernot Dollner concerning the direction of Audi’s future. Hoffmann, who has been instrumental in the F1 initiative, is also facing criticism for underwhelming sales performance and the lacklustre success of models launched under his tenure.

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The Supervisory Board is expected to voice soon its opinion on Hoffmann’s future, which will be followed by a decisive verdict from the Volkswagen Group’s Supervisory Board. Hoffmann’s potential exit could have significant implications for Audi’s F1 ambitions, where he was expected to play a key role.

Audi considers offloading Sauber shares

The potential departure of a key figure comes amid internal concerns at Audi about the viability of their F1 project, as reported by German media. Hoffmann’s exit might precipitate a complete withdrawal from Formula 1, with rumors suggesting Audi might even consider selling their shares in Sauber.

Audi has refrained from commenting on the speculation regarding Hoffmann’s departure. However, reports from insiders reveal a steadfast commitment to Audi’s F1 participation from 2026, regardless of Hoffmann’s situation.

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