Sebastian Vettel Announces His Interest In An F1 Return

Following the unexpected news of Lewis Hamilton's move to Ferrari, Toto Wolff's phone and emails have been inundated with driver requests.

Mark Phelan

By Mark Phelan
Published on March 29, 2024

Sebastian Vettel 2024 Comeback
Is Sebastian Vettel really considering and F1 comeback?

As one of the most desirable teams on the F1 grid, the Mercedes seat, vacated by Hamilton, has attracted much attention from drivers, including Sebastian Vettel, who has emerged from retirement to speak with Toto Wolff.

But is Vettel really considering a return to F1 and Hamilton’s former position at Mercedes?

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In previous interviews with RTL and N-TV, Vettel downplayed such rumours, clarifying that his talks with Wolff were about Mercedes’ broader prospects, not a personal comeback for a seat on the grid.

However, reports from suggest that Vettel has alluded to plans within F1 for the current season, saying that he “still has a little something planned, hopefully within the framework of Formula 1 and also this year”.

He added: “It remains to be seen whether that will happen. That’s another reason why I was in contact with Toto, among others.”

Looking back on his previous endeavours, like organising sustainability events at the 2023 Japanese Grand Prix and championing carbon-neutral fuel at Silverstone, Vettel affirmed his interest in remaining engaged with the sport.

Although he sometimes reflects on a return to a drive behind the wheel, Vettel emphasised that there are aspects of F1 he does not miss.

“There are also things that I don’t miss,” he revealed before stressing that he had “not reached” the point of seriously considering a comeback. “But I still can’t rule it out,” he added.

Vettel went on to highlight that his age was not a barrier, referencing seasoned drivers such as Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso, who remain active in the sport and look likely to be for some time still.

“In terms of time, I’m not the youngest, but if you look at others in the field, then theoretically I still have a lot of time, so that’s not the first thing that would stand in my way,” he said.

Vettel still backs up his driving force for retiring, his family, and that his family life still ranks high in his decision-making, with them taking center stage. Having prioritised family time in the last eighteen months, Vettel admits that his future in racing is up in the air, contingent on changing situations.

“Sometimes it’s the case that a little person says: ‘Dad, don’t do that. Then you’ll be away so much.'” And especially that He has “enjoyed family time with his wife Hanna and the three children very intensively” over the past year and a half.

“Maybe the mood will change again,” says Vettel, admitting that a possible return to Formula 1 had been “on his mind”.

While Vettel has toyed with the idea of making a comeback to Formula 1, he voiced concerns about the record breaking calendar in 2024 and beyond, featuring 24 Grand Prix race weekends.

Aware of the conflict of being away from the family for longer and the intracties at play, Vettel is wary of making any rushed decisions about his return to the F1 paddock.

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