F1 News: Stroll Receives FIA Warning for Code of Ethics Breach

Lance Stroll has found himself in trouble after an outburst in the pits during the 2023 Qatar Grand Prix.


By Ben Bush
Updated on March 19, 2024

Stroll Receives FIA Warning

Lance Stroll has found himself in hot water with the FIA’s compliance officer following an incident during the 2023 Qatar Grand Prix weekend. The Aston Martin driver, clearly frustrated after being eliminated from Q1 during the Friday qualifying session for the race, let his emotions get the best of him.

Upon returning his car to the team’s garage after the disappointing session, Stroll vented his frustration by angrily tossing his steering wheel out of the cockpit of his AMR22. Moments later, he tried to move towards the back of the garage but was intercepted by his osteopath and performance coach, Henry Howe. What unfolded next was captured by Formula 1’s TV broadcast, which appeared to show Stroll pushing Howe as he reached the back of the garage. Subsequently, Stroll provided curt responses to reporters when addressing them in the paddock media pen.

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The FIA promptly initiated an investigation into Stroll’s behaviour, releasing a statement on Tuesday indicating that the driver was discussing with their compliance officer, Paolo Basarri, regarding a potential breach of the governing body’s rules. However, the statement did not specify the nature of the alleged breach that Stroll was being investigated for.

Today, the FIA disclosed that Stroll had formally issued an apology for his actions in Qatar. In response, Basarri issued Stroll a written warning, underscoring the importance of adhering to behavioural obligations and the zero-tolerance policy on ‘physical harassment.’ The FIA’s Code of Ethics explicitly prohibits all forms of harassment against participants in FIA activities, encompassing physical, mental, professional, and sexual harassment.

As of now, Stroll has not made any public comments regarding his apology or the FIA’s warning. In the Drivers’ Championship, he currently occupies tenth position with 47 points, a significant gap from his Aston Martin teammate, Fernando Alonso, who stands six places higher and boasts 136 points.

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