Valtteri Bottas Shares Thoughts on Hamilton’s 2025 Move to Ferrari

Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas were a formidable duo at Mercedes from 2017 to 2021 so Bottas has been surprised by Hamilton's decision.


By Ben Bush
Updated on March 12, 2024

Valtteri Bottas Kick Sauber Launch

Valtteri Bottas is confident Lewis Hamilton will seamlessly transition to Ferrari in 2025.

Hamilton, leveraging a clause in his Mercedes contract, has inked a long-term agreement with Ferrari, stepping in for Carlos Sainz at the season’s end.

This move marks Hamilton’s third team, following a six-year stint at McLaren and a decade with Mercedes since 2013.

Throughout their five seasons as teammates at Mercedes, Bottas witnessed Hamilton clinching four drivers’ championships in a row, tying the record for most championships won and setting new records for the highest number of pole positions and race victories.

“I’ve never thought about it [Hamilton joining Ferrari] happening. For sure, in a certain way it was a surprise and also the timing shocked everybody,” Bottas told Sky Sports News.

“But that’s F1. Things happen. Unfortunately all good things eventually come to an end but that means new doors open. I’m happy for Lewis. He’s obviously made a decision himself and I’m sure he’s keen for a fresh start. It’s going to be interesting and I’m sure that’s going to have an impact on the driver market for 2025.”

Hamilton is set to join forces with Charles Leclerc at Ferrari, who is regarded as one of the fastest drivers in the field.

Despite turning 40 next season, the British racer has Bottas’s full confidence in maintaining competitiveness alongside Leclerc.

“It’s going to be a different experience for him but with all of his experience in F1, he’s always been great with dealing with people and getting the most out of the team,” continued Bottas.

“I’m positive he’s going to do a great job there and shouldn’t have issues getting used to the car either. He’s a pretty adaptive guy.”

Bottas aims to stay for Audi’s F1 entry

Regarding his future in Formula 1, Bottas finds himself among 14 drivers lacking a contract for the 2026 season.

Following the conclusion of Alfa Romeo‘s alliance with Sauber last year, the team has undergone a rebranding to Kick Sauber for the 2024 season.

Located in Hinwil, Switzerland, the team is gearing up for Audi’s debut as a factory team in 2026, a move Bottas is keen to be part of, expressing his desire to drive for the German automotive giant.

“It is the priority to be here,” said Bottas regarding Audi’s arrival in two years.

“It’s a contract year for me and nothing has been confirmed yet but it’s a great motivation for me to have a good start to the year and hopefully a good future with a great brand.

“Now it’s not time to think about it. It’s time to get racing and then we will see.”

The 2024 season kicks off with pre-season testing in Bahrain from February 21-23, leading up to the first race weekend from February 29 to March 2.

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