• Kuzma F1 Team Official Name
  • California, USA Base
  • 1951 F1 Debut
  • Troy Ruttman Team Boss
  • n/a Technical Chief
  • 0 World Championships

The Kuzma F1 team, founded by Eddie Kuzma in the United States, carved out a unique niche in F1 history. Active in the FIA World Championship from 1951 through to 1960, Kuzma participated exclusively in the Indianapolis 500, reflecting a time when the iconic race was part of the Formula 1 calendar. The team’s most notable achievement came in 1952, when Troy Ruttman drove a Kuzma car to victory at the Indianapolis 500.

Notable Team Members and Drivers

Eddie Sachs: Eddie Sachs, known as the “Clown Prince of Racing,” drove Kuzma cars in the Indianapolis 500. He was a well-known figure in American open-wheel racing during the late 1950s and early 1960s.

Jim Rathmann: Rathmann competed in the Indianapolis 500 driving Kuzma-built cars, including his memorable battle for a win in the 1960 race, where he finished second.

Eddie Kuzma (Founder and Designer): Eddie Kuzma was the founder of the company that built the Kuzma cars.

Throughout its decade-long presence in Formula 1, Kuzma showcased consistent performance at the Indianapolis 500, participating in ten seasons. The team’s cars made ten race starts, and apart from the victory in 1952, they achieved a best starting position of 2nd once and secured podium finishes on three occasions. This success was remarkable for a team that focused solely on the Indianapolis 500.

Kuzma fielded 23 drivers over the years, highlighting the team’s role in providing a platform for numerous talents to compete. Despite not achieving pole positions or fastest laps, Kuzma cars finished in the points on five occasions and 24 points in the championship. The best championship position achieved by a driver for Kuzma was 7th. Their last race at the Indianapolis 500 came in 1960, with Duane Carter driving and finishing 12th.

Kuzma Formula One World Championship Records

First entry1951 Indianapolis Grand Prix
Races entered10
Constructors’ Championships0
Drivers’ Championships0
Race victories1
Pole positions0
Fastest laps0
Final entry1960 Indianapolis Grand Prix

Championship Indianapolis 500 results as builder

1951Walt Faulkner14Ret Engine
1952Troy Ruttman718 
1953Tony Bettenhausen69 Accident
Manny Ayulo413 Engine
Bob Sweikert29Ret Suspension
Pat Flaherty24Ret Accident
Chuck Stevenson16Ret Fuel Leak
1954Jimmy Bryan326 
Chuck Stevenson512  
Manny Ayulo2213  
1955Johnny Thomson3343 
Duane Carter1811  
Jimmy Bryan11Ret Fuel Pump
Rodger Ward30Ret Accident
1956Bob Sweikert106  
Gene Hartley2211  
Eddie Johnson3215  
Billy Garrett2916  
Jimmy Bryan1919  
Johnny Thomson18Ret Spun Off
1957Jimmy Bryan1534 
Johnny Thomson1112  
Chuck Weyant2514  
Eddie Sachs2Ret Fuel Leak
1958Johnnie Tolan3013  
Dempsey Wilson32Ret Fire
A. J. Foyt12Ret Spun Off
Eddie Sachs18Ret Transmission
Art Bisch28Ret Accident
1959A. J. Foyt1710  
Gene Hartley911  
Eddie Sachs2Ret Spun Off
Al Keller28Ret Engine
Bill Cheesbourg30Ret Magneto
1960Duane Carter2712  
Note: all cars were fitted with Offenhauser engines.