Carlos Sainz Reflects on Hamilton’s Suprise Ferrari Move

Amidst speculation at Ferrari, Carlos Sainz sensed a change coming as the team announced Lewis Hamilton as his unexpected successor.

Lee Parker

By Lee Parker
Updated on February 6, 2024

Carlos Sainz Winning 2023 Singapore GP

Despite the unexpected move, Carlos Sainz remains confident in his abilities, hinting at promising prospects ahead.

Throughout the off-season, driver contract negotiations were a focal point for Ferrari, with both Charles Leclerc and Sainz up for renewal if they wished to stay on post-F1 2024.

While Leclerc secured a new agreement, anticipation for Sainz’s renewal lingered until the bombshell news that Lewis Hamilton, the seven-time World Champion, would leave Mercedes for Ferrari in 2025, leaving Sainz without a spot.

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Carlos Sainz embraces Ferrari’s decision to bring in Lewis Hamilton

In an interview with Sky Italia, Sainz expressed his readiness for the outcome, choosing to focus on ending his tenure with Ferrari on a high note and maintaining his ambition to vie for the World Championship in F1 2024.

“Living Ferrari from the inside, I already knew several things and I prepared with the team for the changes ahead, though I don’t want to think about anything other than how to give my all this season for Ferrari.

“I am calm, we are already working on the future, but we know that we have a very important season ahead of us. This will be my last year at Ferrari, so I want to do the best I can.

“For sure it’s not the best feeling to start the season with, but the moment I put on my helmet in Bahrain and take to the track, the only feeling I’ll have is the will to go harder and harder, aiming also for the World Championship victory.”

In 2023, Sainz significantly enhanced his reputation by becoming the only driver outside of Red Bull to win a grand prix, achieving victory in Singapore. This success has led to speculation about his future, with teams like Williams, Sauber, and Mercedes rumoured to be interested in him.

Despite this, the Spaniard emphasised that he is currently focused on Ferrari, without any immediate worries about his post-Maranello career. As a two-time grand prix winner, Sainz is confident in what he brings to the racing world.

“I am aware of what I am worth as a driver, and for that reason I am very calm when I look to the future,” said Sainz.

“Good things will definitely come, but for now my goal remains to do my best with Ferrari.”

Achieving World Championship success in his last season with Ferrari would not only elevate his career but also end Ferrari’s Drivers’ title drought since 2007.


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