F1 Legend

Jackie Stewart


  • Milton, Dunbartonshire, Scotland Place of Birth
  • 11 June 1939 Date of Birth
  • 1965 South African Grand Prix F1 Debut
  • Tyrrell Current/Last Team

John Young ‘Jackie’ Stewart was born in Dumbartonshire, Scotland, on June 11, 1939. His father owned a garage, and his older brother Jimmy was the first in the family to pursue racing, despite their mother’s disapproval. Jackie struggled in school due to undiagnosed severe dyslexia, leading him to leave at 15. Nonetheless, Stewart’s racing talent emerged quickly when he began driving saloon and sports cars, catching the attention of team entrant Ken Tyrrell, who hired him for the 1963 British Formula 3 series. Stewart won seven consecutive races, marking the start of a stellar career.

BornJohn Young Stewart
11 June 1939
Milton, Dunbartonshire, Scotland

In 1965, Stewart joined the BRM Formula 1 team, winning two Grands Prix over three seasons and establishing himself as a top driver. In 1968, he reunited with Ken Tyrrell, forming one of the most successful partnerships in F1 history. Stewart dominated the sport during his six seasons with Tyrrell, retiring at the end of 1973 with 27 race wins and three championships, making him the most successful driver, at the time, since Juan Manuel Fangio. Yet, Stewart’s impact on Formula 1 extended beyond his record.

Stewart’s advocacy for safety, often against significant opposition, eventually saved countless lives in what was once the deadliest sport. During a perilous era, the probability of a driver being killed within five years of racing was two out of three. The deaths of his close friends Piers Courage and Jochen Rindt in 1970 and his Tyrrell teammate Francois Cevert in 1973 fueled his determination to improve safety.

Stewart’s own near-fatal experience at the 1966 Belgian Grand Prix at Spa highlighted the sport’s inadequate safety measures. After a crash left him trapped with fuel leaking around him, he was rescued by fellow drivers and transported to the hospital in an inadequate ambulance. This incident spurred Stewart to push for significant safety improvements. He introduced full-face helmets and seatbelts for drivers, helped develop the Grand Prix medical unit, and campaigned for safety barriers and larger run-off areas at dangerous corners.

Despite criticism from the media and some drivers, Stewart’s success on the track bolstered his credibility. His wins at perilous circuits like the Nurburgring, where he triumphed in treacherous conditions, gave him the authority to demand safety reforms.

The charismatic ‘Wee Scot’ became a beloved public figure, known for his trademark black cap and rock star-like hair. Despite his glamorous image, Stewart was a devoted family man, deeply committed to his wife Helen and their sons, Paul and Mark. He mingled with royalty, politicians, musicians, and movie stars, and frequented corporate boardrooms, becoming a multi-millionaire before retiring from racing. Stewart leveraged the arrival of major sponsors and the global television audience, contributing significantly to Formula 1’s commercial success.

As a media personality and TV commentator, Stewart explained the sport’s intricacies and promoted it tirelessly. He famously co-hosted ABC TV’s live coverage of the 1971 Monaco Grand Prix, providing insights from the starting grid and the finish line, where he detailed his victory.

Even after selling his Stewart Grand Prix team to Ford, Stewart remained one of the most recognised Formula 1 champions. His passion for the sport endures, and in 2001, he was knighted for his contributions. Sir Jackie Stewart’s legacy in Formula 1 is defined not just by his victories but by his profound impact on the sport’s safety and popularity.

Jackie Stewart Formula One World Championship career

F1 Career1965–1973
TeamsBRM, Matra, March, Tyrrell
Entries100 (99 starts)
Championships3 (1969, 1971, 1973)
Career points359 (360)
Pole positions17
Fastest laps15
First entry1965 South African Grand Prix
First win1965 Italian Grand Prix
Last win1973 German Grand Prix
Last entry1973 United States Grand Prix


Driver Nationality Current/Last Team F1 Debut Status
British Brabham 1958 Monaco Grand Prix Died, F1 Legend


Team Nationality Debut Season Status
BRM British 1951 Historic
Matra French 1967 Historic
Tyrrell British 1970 Historic