Brabham F1 Logo




  • Motor Racing Developments, Ltd. Official Name
  • Chessington & Milton Keynes, England Base
  • 1962 F1 Debut
  • Jack Brabham Team Boss
  • Ron Tauranac Technical Chief
  • 2 World Championships

Motor Racing Developments Ltd., more famously known as Brabham, was an iconic British racing car manufacturer and Formula 1 team founded in 1960 by the formidable duo of Australian F1 driver Jack Brabham and British-Australian engineer Ron Tauranac.

Notable Team Members and Drivers

Jack Brabham: Co-founder of the team and a driver, Jack Brabham was instrumental in the team’s early success, including winning the 1966 Drivers’ Championship with a car of his own design.

Ron Tauranac: Co-founder and designer Ron Tauranac’s engineering expertise was crucial in developing the cars that led to the team’s early wins and success.

Nelson Piquet: As a driver for Brabham in the 1980s, Piquet secured two Drivers’ Championships for the team in both naturally aspirated and turbocharged Brabham cars.

Over 30 years, Brabham achieved remarkable success, clinching four Formula One Drivers’ Championships and two Constructors’ Championships. The team’s early years were highlighted by Jack Brabham’s historic 1966 Drivers’ Championship win, a feat unparalleled to this day, as it was won in a car that he co-designed.

In its early years, aside from Formula 1, Brabham was also one of the world’s best manufacturers of open-wheel racing cars, supplying customer teams across various motorsport categories. By 1970, the company had produced over 500 cars in Formula Two, Formula Three, the Indianapolis 500, and Formula 5000. Brabham was known for its groundbreaking technologies, such as carbon brakes, hydropneumatic suspension, and the strategy of in-race refuelling. The team’s pioneering Gordon Murray-designed ‘fan car’ famously won its debut race before being voluntarily retired from competition.

The 1980s became another golden era for Brabham, with Brazilian driver Nelson Piquet winning two of his three Formula One Drivers’ Championships with the team. Piquet’s victories in 1981 and 1983 were milestones in F1 history, with the 1983 win marking the first championship won using a turbocharged engine. The Brabham BT52, powered by a BMW M12 engine and driven by Piquet and Italian teammate Riccardo Patrese, was instrumental in securing four of the team’s thirty-five Grand Prix wins.

During the 1970s and 1980s, Brabham was owned by British businessman Bernie Ecclestone, who eventually became the commercial director of Formula One. Ecclestone’s time with Brabham saw the team achieve great success. However, the team’s fortunes faded in the late 1980s, leading to Ecclestone selling Brabham in 1988 to the Middlebridge Group, a Japanese engineering firm.

In 1992, the team started the season with driver Eric van de Poele and female F1 driver Giovanna Amati stepping in for Akihiko Nakaya, who could not secure a super licence. Amati was distinguished as the fifth female to compete in Formula 1. However, later in the season, the team brought in Damon Hill, the son of former Brabham driver and World Champion Graham Hill, after Giovanna Amati’s departure due to her sponsorship falling through.

Financial difficulties under the Middlebridge Group’s ownership marred the team’s final years. Brabham closed its doors midway through the 1992 season due to the team’s debts owed to Landhurst Leasing, so much so that the collapse led to an investigation by the UK Serious Fraud Office.

Despite a 2009 attempt by a German company to revive the Brabham name for the 2010 Formula One season, the effort did not succeed.

Brabham Formula One World Championship Records

First entry1962 German Grand Prix
Races entered403 entries (394 starts)
EnginesClimax, Repco, Ford, Alfa Romeo, BMW, Judd, Yamaha
Constructors’ Championships2 (1966, 1967)
Drivers’ Championships4 (1966, 1967, 1981, 1983)
Race victories35
Pole positions40
Fastest laps41
Final entry1992 Hungarian Grand Prix

Brabham Drivers’ Champions

The following drivers won the Formula One Drivers’ Championship for Brabham F1.

DriverNationalityChampionship Year
Jack BrabhamAustralian1966
Denny HulmeNew Zealander1967
Nelson PiquetBrazilian1981
Nelson PiquetBrazilian1983

Brabham Championship Results

1962Brabham Racing OrganisationLotus 24
Brabham BT3
Jack Brabham97th
1963Brabham Racing OrganisationBrabham BT3
Brabham BT7
Lotus 25
Jack Brabham
Dan Gurney
1964Brabham Racing OrganisationBrabham BT7
Brabham BT11
Jack Brabham
Dan Gurney
1965Brabham Racing OrganisationBrabham BT7
Brabham BT11
Jack Brabham
Dan Gurney
Denny Hulme
Giancarlo Baghetti
1966Brabham Racing OrganisationBrabham BT19
Brabham BT20
Brabham BT22
Jack Brabham
Denny Hulme
1967Brabham Racing OrganisationBrabham BT19
Brabham BT20
Brabham BT24
Jack Brabham
Denny Hulme
1968Brabham Racing OrganisationBrabham BT24
Brabham BT26
Jack Brabham
Jochen Rindt
Dan Gurney
1969Motor Racing DevelopmentsBrabham BT26AJack Brabham
Jacky Ickx
1970Motor Racing DevelopmentsBrabham BT33Jack Brabham
Rolf Stommelen
1971Motor Racing DevelopmentsBrabham BT33
Brabham BT34
Graham Hill
Tim Schenken
Dave Charlton
1972Motor Racing DevelopmentsBrabham BT33
Brabham BT34
Brabham BT37
Graham Hill
Carlos Reutemann
Wilson Fittipaldi
1973Motor Racing Developments
Ceramica Pagnossin Team MRD
Brabham BT37
Brabham BT42
Carlos Reutemann
Wilson Fittipaldi
Andrea de Adamich
Rolf Stommelen
John Watson
1974Motor Racing DevelopmentsBrabham BT42
Brabham BT44
Carlos Reutemann
Carlos Pace
Rikky von Opel
Richard Robarts
Teddy Pilette
1975Martini RacingBrabham BT44BCarlos Reutemann
Carlos Pace
1976Martini RacingBrabham BT45Carlos Reutemann
Carlos Pace
Rolf Stommelen
Larry Perkins
1977Martini RacingBrabham BT45BCarlos Pace
John Watson
Hans-Joachim Stuck
Giorgio Francia
1978Parmalat Racing TeamBrabham BT45C
Brabham BT46/B/C
Niki Lauda
John Watson
Nelson Piquet
1979Parmalat Racing TeamBrabham BT46
Brabham BT48
Brabham BT49
Niki Lauda
Nelson Piquet
Ricardo Zunino
1980Parmalat Racing TeamBrabham BT49/BNelson Piquet
Ricardo Zunino
Héctor Rebaque
1981Parmalat Racing TeamBrabham BT49/B/CNelson Piquet
Héctor Rebaque
Ricardo Zunino
1982Parmalat Racing TeamBrabham BT49D
Brabham BT50
Nelson Piquet
Riccardo Patrese
1983Fila SportBrabham BT52/BNelson Piquet
Riccardo Patrese
1984MRD InternationalBrabham BT53Nelson Piquet
Teo Fabi
Corrado Fabi
Manfred Winkelhock
1985Motor Racing Developments LtdBrabham BT54Nelson Piquet
Marc Surer
François Hesnault
1986Motor Racing Developments LtdBrabham BT54
Brabham BT55
Elio de Angelis
Riccardo Patrese
Derek Warwick
1987Motor Racing Developments LtdBrabham BT56Riccardo Patrese
Andrea de Cesaris
Stefano Modena
1989Motor Racing DevelopmentsBrabham BT58Martin Brundle
Stefano Modena
1990Motor Racing DevelopmentsBrabham BT58
Brabham BT59
Stefano Modena
David Brabham
Gregor Foitek
1991Motor Racing Developments LtdBrabham BT59Y
Brabham BT60Y
Martin Brundle
Mark Blundell
1992Motor Racing Developments LtdBrabham BT60BEric van de Poele
Giovanna Amati
Damon Hill

Brabham Drivers

Driver Nationality Current/Last Team F1 Debut Status
Australian Brabham 1955 British Grand Prix F1 Legend
New Zealand McLaren 1965 Monaco Grand Prix F1 Legend
Austrian Team Lotus 1964 Austrian Grand Prix F1 Legend
British Brabham 1958 Monaco Grand Prix F1 Legend
Austrian McLaren 1971 Austrian Grand Prix F1 Legend
Brazilian Benetton 1978 German Grand Prix F1 Legend
British Williams 1992 Spanish Grand Prix F1 Legend