FIA: Brazilian GP F1 track invasion was “unacceptable situation”

The FIA has deemed the track incursion during the final lap of the 2023 Brazilian Grand Prix as an "unacceptable situation".


By Ben Bush
Updated on February 8, 2024

2023 Brazilian GP

The FIA has deemed the track incursion during the final lap of the 2023 Brazilian Grand Prix as an “unacceptable situation”, criticising the event organisers for a security lapse that permitted fans to swarm the Formula 1 circuit, posing significant danger.

Following the race’s conclusion, with Red Bull’s Max Verstappen finishing eight seconds in the lead over McLaren‘s Lando Norris, “a large group” of fans broke onto the track at Turn 1. This breach occurred while the racecars were still completing their final lap, under the waving of the chequered flag.

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Despite the fortunate absence of any injuries, the incident was severe enough to prompt an immediate inquiry by the stewards into the event management’s protocols, as there is a specifically designated time for spectators to access the track safely for post-race celebrations.

According to information obtained by, spectators at the Interlagos track managed to scale the fences even though the circuit was officially still active.

Lewis Hamilton 2023 Brazilian GP
Lewis Hamilton wore a specially designed helmet for the 2023 Brazilian GP

Upon examining video surveillance and consulting with the race organisers, the FIA concluded that the safety protocols in place were “not enforced and/or were not sufficient resulting in an unsafe environment”.

The regulatory body pointed out that:

“[Organisers] candidly admitted the failures in terms of the security protocols and safety measures.

“[They] concurred with the FIA Sporting Delegate and the Race Director report and agreed that comparable circumstances already occurred in Brazil and that this was an unacceptable situation which could have had disastrous consequences.”

Echoing a preceding episode at the 2023 Australian Grand Prix, where Nico Hulkenberg’s vehicle remained on the track under potentially hazardous conditions with suspected electrical issues, the Brazilian Grand Prix authorities are now obligated to carry out a comprehensive investigation and implement corrective measures before the next season’s race in 2024.

The organisers are required to submit “a formal remediation plan to the FIA that adequately addresses the serious concerns” by the 30th of January, 2024.

The FIA stewards have called for an evaluation of the planned safety improvements, and the World Motor Sport Council retains the authority to impose additional penalties if necessary. Notably, no extra punitive actions were levied following the incident at the Australian Grand Prix.

The event at the Interlagos circuit witnessed an unprecedented sell-out attendance, with 267,000 spectators over the course of the weekend.

In a related development earlier in the weekend, the Brazilian Grand Prix solidified its future on the F1 schedule with a five-year extension to its existing agreement, securing its place on the calendar until at least the 2030 season.

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