Leclerc Shares Enthusiastic Outlook on Ferrari’s 2024 F1 Car

Charles Leclerc expresses his eagerness for the new F1 season to start following the reveal of Ferrari's latest Formula 1 car on Tuesday.


By Ben Bush
Published on February 14, 2024

Charles Leclerc, Fred Vasseur and Carlos Sainz 2024 Ferrari Car Launch

The unveiling of the SF-24 marked one of the most awaited moments in Formula 1, featuring a distinctive livery as Ferrari aims to challenge Max Verstappen and Red Bull‘s recent supremacy in the 2023 season.

Charles Leclerc, alongside teammate Carlos Sainz, will steer the car in what is set to be their final season together before Lewis Hamilton transitions to Ferrari in 2025.

Having recently renewed his commitment to Ferrari with a long-term contract, the driver from Monaco shared his enthusiasm for taking the helm of the new vehicle.

Leclerc anticipates the upcoming 2024 season

“I’m just super excited because there’s so much work going on at the moment,” he said as per the Daily Mail.

“As I was saying, we started to develop the new car many months ago already, virtually first on the simulator in Maranello, then we see the first part physical parts.

“I saw the car yesterday, not fully painted yet, but the first model of it.

“So already there you start to get excited and then we get to drive the car for the first time around the launch, which will be next week, which again, I’m really looking forward to

“There are lots of question marks. Of course, we have driven the car but then all the remains to be seen in reality, whether everything fits what we’ve felt in the virtual world and the simulator, which normally does when everything goes well.

“From now on, I’m just really excited to be next week and to be trying to the car more.

“I mean, now with the technology we get, it’s absolutely crazy how close it gets [the simulator], but there can be some mis-correlations that over the years, we always try to do the boundaries and to get as close to reality as possible, but they’ve done a great job of that, so I’m sure it will very similar to what I’ve tried on the simulator.”

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