Horner Expresses Scepticism About Replicating Red Bull’s Stellar 2023

Team principal Christian Horner has expressed his scepticism about the possibility of Red Bull replicating their 2023 season in his lifetime.


By Ben Bush
Updated on February 2, 2024

Red Bull 2023 Season

Team principal Christian Horner has expressed his scepticism about the possibility of Red Bull replicating their exceptional performance from the 2023 season in his lifetime.

In a remarkable display of skill and consistency, Max Verstappen secured a third consecutive World Drivers’ Championship title in October, marking an extraordinary season with 19 victories. His triumphs were pivotal in Red Bull’s dominant performance throughout the racing calendar.

Alongside Verstappen, Sergio Perez proved a formidable force, contributing significantly to Red Bull’s success with two individual wins. Their combined efforts propelled Red Bull to a commanding position, resulting in 21 wins out of 22 races. This outstanding achievement underscored Red Bull’s racing prowess. It ensured a consecutive victory in the Constructors’ Championship, taking their tally to six titles since 1997, further solidifying their status as a dominant team in the sport’s history.

Despite their near-perfect season, the Singapore Grand Prix emerged as the sole blemish on an otherwise flawless record. It was the only race Red Bull didn’t finish on the podium.

Reflecting on this, team principal Christian Horner identified this as an area for improvement. He suggested that to surpass their already remarkable 2023 season, the team’s goal for the next season should be to win this “missing race,” thereby completing an unprecedented sweep of victories in every race of the season. This ambition sets a high bar for Red Bull, aiming to replicate and exceed their 2023 performance.

“This season, I doubt it will be repeated in my lifetime,” the 50-year-old said at Wednesday at Red Bull’s homecoming parade in Milton Keynes.

“It’s the satisfaction of the whole thing coming together – all the departments.

“They have worked so hard, so tirelessly across all these races around the world with the challenges that are thrown at you – the different types of circuit, the different conditions, different strategies and to see us having come through that and won 21 of 22 races.”

Verstappen’s triumph at the Hungarian Grand Prix in July marked Red Bull’s 12th consecutive win, surpassing the record of 11 straight victories set by McLaren in 1988. Despite this historic achievement, Horner remains cautious, expressing doubts about Red Bull replicating such dominance in the upcoming season.

“With such strong opposition as well, such strong teams and stable regulations – I am sure next year is going to be a lot closer, a lot tighter and a different kind of challenge,” he said.

Since 2010, only Red Bull and Mercedes have secured the Formula 1 Constructors’ Championship. However, this season, Mercedes’ British duo, Lewis Hamilton and George Russell, did not achieve a race victory. Consequently, the team finished the season trailing Horner’s Red Bull by a huge 451 points.

“They are a great team – they have had a really dominant period, they are obviously having a tougher time at the moment, but I’m sure they will be coming back fully motivated next year we have no doubt about that,” Horner said.

“I’m sure the rivalry intensity will be just as strong as ever.”

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