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  • Vanwall Official Name
  • Acton, England Base
  • 1954 F1 Debut
  • Tony Vandervell Team Boss
  • n/a Technical Chief
  • 1 World Championships

Vanwall was a British motor racing team and F1 constructor active in F1 during the 1950s. The team was established by Tony Vandervell, with the Vanwall moniker emerging from a blend of the owner’s name and his Thinwall bearings, produced at Vandervell Products.

Notable Team Members and Drivers

Stirling Moss: Widely regarded as one of the greatest Formula One drivers never to win the World Championship, Stirling Moss delivered multiple Grand Prix wins for the team, helping the team secure the first-ever Constructors’ Championship in 1958.

Tony Brooks: Tony Brooks, known as the “racing dentist,” was another key driver for Vanwall. He was part of the team’s successful 1958 season, winning races and helping Vanwall secure the Constructors’ Championship.

Colin Chapman: Before founding Lotus, Colin Chapman worked as a technical advisor for Vanwall. His engineering expertise contributed to the development of the Vanwall cars, which were known for their innovation and performance.

Initially competing with modified Ferraris in non-championship events, Vanwall built its first car for the 1954 Formula One season. The team’s first victory came at the 1957 British Grand Prix, where Stirling Moss and Tony Brooks co-drove a VW5 to victory, making Vanwall the first constructor of a British car to win a World Championship race.

In 1958, Vanwall secured the first-ever Constructors’ Championship in F1 history, aiding Moss and Brooks to secure second and third places in the 1958 Drivers’ Championship. Each driver claiming three wins for the team.

Due to Vandervell’s deteriorating health, 1958 marked their last complete season, although the team participated in a few races until withdrawing from competition in 1961.

Vanwall Formula One World Championship Records

First entry1954 British Grand Prix
Races entered29 (28 starts)
Constructors’ Championships1 (1958)
Drivers’ Championships0
Race victories9
Pole positions7
Fastest laps6
Final entry1960 French Grand Prix

Vanwall Championship Results

The World Constructor’s Championship was not awarded until 1958.

1954Vanwall SpecialPeter Collins
1955Vanwall VW 55Mike Hawthorn
Ken Wharton
Harry Schell
1956Vanwall VW 2Maurice Trintignant
Harry Schell
Mike Hawthorn
Colin Chapman
José Froilán González
Piero Taruffi
1957Vanwall VW 5Stirling Moss
Tony Brooks
Stuart Lewis-Evans
Roy Salvadori
1958Vanwall VW 5Stirling Moss
Tony Brooks
Stuart Lewis-Evans
1959Vanwall VW 59Tony Brooks0NC
1960Vanwall VW 11Tony Brooks0NC

Vanwall Drivers

Driver Nationality Current/Last Team F1 Debut Status
British Ferrari 1952 Belgian Grand Prix F1 Legend