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  • MoneyGram Haas F1 Team Official Name
  • Kannapolis, USA Base
  • 2016 F1 Debut
  • Ayao Komatsu Team Boss
  • Simone Resta Technical Chief
  • 0 World Championships

Haas officially debuted in 2016, marking the first all-American-led F1 team in thirty years. Established by Gene Haas, the team is headquartered in Kannapolis, North Carolina, at the same facility as his championship-winning NASCAR team. Powered by Ferrari engines, the team also operates a factory in Banbury, UK.

Current Haas Drivers

27 Nico Hulkenberg F1 2023


2010 Bahrain Grand Prix F1 Debut

Haas Current/Last Team

20 Kevin Magnussen F1 2023


2014 Australian Grand Prix F1 Debut

Haas Current/Last Team

Full Team Name: MoneyGram Haas F1 Team
Base: Kannapolis, United States
Team Chief: Ayao Komatsu
Technical Chief: Simone Resta
First Team Entry: 2016
World Championships: 0

Initially planning to make its debut in the 2015 season, the team postponed their entry until the following year. Entering in 2016, with Guenther Steiner heading up the team as team principal, Haas’s innovative approach of forming a far-reaching partnership with Ferrari was both praised and criticised in the paddock at the time. Some commended the team for pioneering a low-cost model that allowed new teams to be competitive in the sport, an issue that had concerned Formula One for some time. On the other hand, some smaller, privateer teams that had invested in their own infrastructure expressed concerns about the close relationship between manufacturers and satellite constructors, fearing it could lead to more political power being granted to the larger constructors in the sport.

Haas F1 faced criticism again in 2018 when they arrived at winter testing with a car that strongly resembled Ferrari’s 2017 car, the SF70H. Competitors McLaren and Force India both criticised the partnership between Ferrari and Haas. Though no official grievance was filed with the FIA, McLaren boss Zak Brown questioned the relationship.

During 2021 rule discussions in April 2019, Renault and McLaren presented concerns over Haas F1’s B-team approach. However, F1 Director of Motorsports Ross Brawn stated that he wanted to protect and enhance the model for the foreseeable future as it allowed teams with smaller budgets to enter the sport.

In the past, Haas has also depended on Ferrari for its reserve drivers. Antonio Giovinazzi did two FP1 sessions for the team as a Ferrari reserve driver, and during Mick Schumacher‘s full-time drive with the team, he was still a Ferrari Academy Driver and Ferrari Reserve driver.

In January 2024, it was announced that Steiner would step down after eight years at the helm and be replaced by Ayao Komatsu, former director of engineering at Haas.

Haas F1 is headquartered in Kannapolis, North Carolina, and during the European calendar, the team has also established a forward operating base in Banbury, England, to manage cars between races.

Haas Drivers

Driver Nationality Current/Last Team F1 Debut Status
French Haas 2009 European Grand Prix Retired
German Haas 2010 Bahrain Grand Prix Current
Danish Haas 2014 Australian Grand Prix Current
German Haas 2021 Bahrain Grand Prix Retired
Russian Haas 2021 Bahrain Grand Prix Retired
Brazilian Haas 2020 Sakhir Grand Prix Retired
British Ferrari 2024 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix Current