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  • Officine Alfieri Maserati Official Name
  • Modena, Italy Base
  • 1950 F1 Debut
  • Alfieri Maserati and Ettore Maserati Team Boss
  • n/a Technical Chief
  • 0 World Championships

Founded by brothers Alfieri and Ettore Maserati as a tuning workshop in 1914, Maserati’s early years were interrupted by World War I, in which both brothers served. Returning from the war, they continued where they had left off, tuning and racing cars.

Notable Team Members and Drivers

Juan Manuel Fangio: Considered one of the greatest racing drivers of all time, Fangio drove for Maserati during the 1950s. He won the 1957 World Championship, driving a Maserati 250F.

Stirling Moss: Another legendary figure in motorsport, Moss drove the Maserati 250F in various Grand Prix. Although he never won a World Championship, Moss’s performances in the Maserati, including wins and podium finishes.

Gioacchino Colombo: A renowned engineer, Colombo was instrumental in designing the Maserati 250F, one of the most iconic and successful Formula One cars of the 1950s.

In 1925, Maserati collaborated with Diatto to design a Grand Prix racing car. Although this particular car never made it to the track, the project inspired the Maserati brothers to manufacture their own car, marking the beginning of their journey as a Grand Prix car manufacturer.

Maserati’s cars were widely acclaimed and were bought by numerous constructors, achieving remarkable success across several racing series. While Maserati found considerable success in sports car racing, its legacy in F1 was cemented by the iconic Maserati 250F. This stunningly designed car not only helped Stirling Moss showcase his talents, eventually leading him to a factory drive with Mercedes, but it also propelled Juan Manuel Fangio to the 1954 and 1957 World Drivers’ Championships.

The 1954 championship also stands out as it was the year when Fangio drove and won races for Maserati and Mercedes-Benz, making him the only driver in F1 history to win a championship driving for more than one team in the same season.

Maserati Formula One World Championship Records

First entry1950 British Grand Prix
Races entered43 entries (43 starts)
Constructors’ Championships0
Drivers’ Championships2 (1954, 1957)
Race victories9
Pole positions9
Fastest laps14
Final entry1957 Italian Grand Prix

Maserati Drivers’ Champions

The following drivers won the Formula One Drivers’ Championship for Maserati.

DriverNationalityChampionship Year
Juan Manuel FangioArgentine1954*
Juan Manuel FangioArgentine1957
*The championship was won by Juan Manuel Fangio, who drove and won races for both Maserati and Mercedes-Benz throughout the season (making him the only driver in F1 history to win a championship driving for more than one team in the same season).

Maserati Championship Results

The World Constructor’s Championship was not awarded until 1958.

1950MaseratiMaserati 4CLT/48Monaco Louis Chiron
Franco Rol
1951No works team
1952MaseratiMaserati A6GCMFelice Bonetto
Franco Rol
José Froilán González
1953MaseratiMaserati A6GCMJuan Manuel Fangio
José Froilán González
Felice Bonetto
Oscar Gálvez
Johnny Claes
Onofre Marimón
Hermann Lang
Sergio Mantovani
Luigi Musso
1954MaseratiMaserati 250F
Maserati A6GCM
Juan Manuel Fangio
Onofre Marimón
Luigi Musso
Prince Bira
Sergio Mantovani
Alberto Ascari
Luigi Villoresi
Roberto Mieres
Stirling Moss
Harry Schell
Louis Rosier
Paco Godia
1955MaseratiMaserati 250FJean Behra
Harry Schell
Sergio Mantovani
Luigi Musso
Roberto Mieres
arlos Menditéguy
Clemar Bucci
Cesare Perdisa
André Simon
Peter Collins
Horace Gould
1956MaseratiMaserati 250FJean Behra
Stirling Moss
Luigi Piotti Ret
Gerino Gerini
Chico Landi
Carlos Menditéguy
José Froilán González
esare Perdisa
Paco Godia
Piero Taruffi
Umberto Maglioli
Luigi Villoresi
Jo Bonnier
1957MaseratiMaserati 250FJuan Manuel Fangio
Jean Behra
Carlos Menditéguy
Stirling Moss
Harry Schell
Giorgio Scarlatti
Hans Herrmann

Maserati Drivers

Driver Nationality Current/Last Team F1 Debut Status
Argentine Maserati 1950 British Grand Prix F1 Legend
British Ferrari 1952 Belgian Grand Prix F1 Legend
American Eagle 1971 Austrian Grand Prix F1 Legend