Rubens Barrichello F1 2011


Rubens Barrichello


  • São Paulo, Brazil Place of Birth
  • 23 May 1972 Date of Birth
  • 1993 South African Grand Prix F1 Debut
  • Williams Current/Last Team

Rubens Barrichello represented Brazil in Formula One from 1993 to 2011, notching up 11 Grand Prix wins and 68 podium finishes during his remarkable career. Even after F1, his racing prowess continued to be showcased in both the Brazilian Stock Car Pro Series, where he competed for the Full Time Sports team, and IndyCar for KV Racing Technology.

Barrichello’s journey in Formula One included notable stints with the Jordan and Stewart teams before a significant period at Ferrari. From 2000 to 2005, he was teammate to one of the greatest the sport has witnessed, Michael Schumacher. A role in which he demonstrated formidable skill and consistency. His time with Ferrari was marked by finishing as the Drivers’ Championship runner-up in 2002 and 2004 and securing the third position in 2001. His efforts were instrumental in Ferrari clinching five constructors’ titles during this period.

Rubens Barrichello F1 Ferrari
BornRubens Gonçalves Barrichello
23 May 1972
São Paulo, Brazil

In a career shift, Barrichello left Ferrari at the end of 2005 to join Honda, who eventually left F1 in 2008, due to the global financial crash. Barrichello now found himself without a seat until Ross Brawn rescued the team and created the one-season wonder, Brawn GP for the 2009 season. Barrichello would finish third in the 2009 Drivers’ Championship that year, and his teammate Jenson Button secured the drivers’ championship. Together, they led the team to the 2009 Constructors’ Championship.

Barrichello’s career then took him to the Williams F1 team for two years in 2010 and 2011, where he was also appointed Grand Prix Drivers’ Association chairman in 2010.

His career in F1 ended at the last race of the 2011 season where he transitioned to the IndyCar Series in 2012 with KV Racing Technology. However, after a single season and facing challenges in securing a ride for 2013, Barrichello returned to Brazil. There, he made a triumphant entry into the Stock Car Series, clinching the championship titles in 2014 and again in 2022.

In addition to his racing career, Barrichello also ventured into broadcasting. From 2013 to 2014, he was a familiar face on Brazil’s TV Globo, covering F1 race weekends. His role involved interviewing drivers and team members and providing insightful commentary during qualifying and race broadcasts.


Driver Nationality Current/Last Team F1 Debut Status
German Mercedes 1991 Belgian Grand Prix F1 Legend
British McLaren 2000 Australian Grand Prix F1 Legend
German Haas 2010 Bahrain Grand Prix Current


Team Nationality Debut Season Status
Jordan Grand Prix Irish 1991 Historic
Stewart Grand Prix British 1997 Historic
Ferrari Italian 1950 Current
Brawn GP British 2009 Historic
Williams British 1978 Current