Michael Schumacher F1 2012

F1 Legend

Michael Schumacher


  • Hürth, Germany Place of Birth
  • 3 January 1969 Date of Birth
  • 1991 Belgian Grand Prix F1 Debut
  • Mercedes Current/Last Team

Michael Schumacher, one of the greatest F1 drivers in the sport’s history, drove for various teams, including Jordan, Benetton, Ferrari, and Mercedes and won a record-equalling seven World Drivers’ Championship titles—a record he shares with Lewis Hamilton.

When Schumacher retired from racing in 2012, he held multiple records, including the most wins (91), pole positions (68), and podium finishes (155). And while Hamilton has since broken some of those records, Schumacher still holds the record for the most fastest laps (77), among others.

Michael Schumacher
BornMichael Schumacher
3 January 1969
Hürth, North Rhine-Westphalia, West Germany

Schumacher grew up in a working-class family and started his racing career in karting. At just six years old, he won his first karting championship in a kart he built from discarded parts. Throughout his early career, Schumacher achieved many successes, such as winning the 1987 European karting championship and several single-seater series. He made a one-off Formula One appearance with Jordan at the 1991 Belgian Grand Prix before being signed by Benetton for the rest of the season, where he won his first and second driver’s titles in 1994 and 1995. He then moved to Ferrari in 1996, and, despite some setbacks, he and the team won five consecutive titles from 2000 to 2004.

Schumacher made a comeback to Formula 1 in 2010 with Mercedes, but he achieved limited success, securing only one podium finish at the 2012 European Grand Prix. In 2013, after Schmacher announced his retirement at the end of the 2012 season, for the second time, Mercedes replaced him with Lewis Hamilton.

Beyond racing, Schumacher was an ambassador for UNESCO and participated in many humanitarian projects. He also donated tens of millions of dollars to charity. In 2013, Schumacher suffered a severe brain injury in a skiing accident that left him in a medically induced coma until June 2014. He then underwent rehabilitation at the Lausanne University Hospital before being relocated to his home for private medical treatment and rehabilitation. Despite the challenges he faced, Schumacher remains a legend in the world of racing and a beloved figure to many fans worldwide.

With F1 in the Schumacher family’s blood, it’s unsurprising that younger brother Ralf Schumacher, his son Mick Schumacher, his nephew David, and his stepbrother Sebastian Stahl have all pursued careers as racing drivers. Ralf Schumacher competed in Formula One for ten years, from 1997 to 2007. Mick became the third Schumacher to race in Formula One, debuting with the Haas F1 Team in the 2021 season.

Michael Schumacher Formula One World Championship career

F1 Career1991–2006, 2010–2012
TeamsJordan, Benetton, Ferrari, Mercedes
Entries308 (306 starts)
Championships7 (1994, 1995, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004)
Career points1566
Pole positions68
Fastest laps77
First entry1991 Belgian Grand Prix
First win1992 Belgian Grand Prix
Last win2006 Chinese Grand Prix
Last entry2012 Brazilian Grand Prix

Michael Schumacher Teammates

11 TeammatesInvolvementFirst YearLast Year
Andrea de Cesaris11991
Nelson Piquet51991
Martin Brundle161992
Riccardo Patrese161993
Jos Verstappen81994
JJ Lehto41994
Johnny Herbert1919941995
Eddie Irvine5919961999
Rubens Barrichello10420002005
Felipe Massa182006
Nico Rosberg5820102012

Michael Schumacher Formula One Records

Schumacher holds/held these Formula One records:

RecordDate first achieved#
Most Championship titles20027
Most consecutive titles2000–20045
Most races left in the season when becoming World Champion20026
Most wins at the same Grand PrixFrench Grand Prix (1994–1995, 1997–1998, 2001–2002, 2004, 2006)8
Most seasons with a win1992–200615
Most consecutive seasons with a win1992–200615
Most consecutive top two finishes2002 Brazilian Grand Prix – 2002 Japanese Grand Prix15
Highest percentage of podium finishes in a season2002100%
Most consecutive podium finishes2001 United States Grand Prix – 2002 Japanese Grand Prix19
Most fastest laps2001 Australian Grand Prix77
Most fastest laps in a season200410
Most hat-tricks (pole, win and fastest lap)2002 Japanese Grand Prix22
Most hat-tricks in a season20045

Formula One Record

YearEntrantTeamWDC Pts.WDC Pos.Report
1991Team 7Up JordanJordan-Ford414thReport
Camel Benetton FordBenetton-Ford
1992Camel Benetton FordBenetton-Ford533rdReport
1993Camel Benetton FordBenetton-Ford524thReport
1994Mild Seven Benetton FordBenetton-Ford921stReport
1995Mild Seven Benetton RenaultBenetton-Renault1021stReport
1996Scuderia FerrariFerrari593rdReport
1997Scuderia Ferrari MarlboroFerrari78DSQReport
1998Scuderia Ferrari MarlboroFerrari862ndReport
1999Scuderia Ferrari MarlboroFerrari445thReport
2000Scuderia Ferrari MarlboroFerrari1081stReport
2001Scuderia Ferrari MarlboroFerrari1231stReport
2002Scuderia Ferrari MarlboroFerrari1441stReport
2003Scuderia Ferrari MarlboroFerrari931stReport
2004Scuderia Ferrari MarlboroFerrari1481stReport
2005Scuderia Ferrari MarlboroFerrari623rdReport
2006Scuderia Ferrari MarlboroFerrari1212ndReport
2007–2009: Test Driver
2010Mercedes GP Petronas F1 TeamMercedes729thReport
2011Mercedes GP Petronas F1 TeamMercedes768thReport
2012Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 TeamMercedes4913thReport
† Schumacher was disqualified from the 1997 season’s standings after intentionally colliding with Jacques Villeneuve in an attempt to win the championship at the 1997 European Grand Prix at the Circuito Permanente de Jerez.

Race Wins

11992 Belgian Grand Prix321998 Hungarian Grand Prix622002 German Grand Prix
21993 Portuguese Grand Prix331998 Italian Grand Prix632002 Belgian Grand Prix
31994 Brazilian Grand Prix341999 San Marino Grand Prix642002 Japanese Grand Prix
41994 Pacific Grand Prix351999 Monaco Grand Prix652003 San Marino Grand Prix
51994 San Marino Grand Prix362000 Australian Grand Prix662003 Spanish Grand Prix
61994 Monaco Grand Prix372000 Brazilian Grand Prix672003 Austrian Grand Prix
71994 Canadian Grand Prix382000 San Marino Grand Prix682003 Canadian Grand Prix
81994 French Grand Prix392000 European Grand Prix692003 Italian Grand Prix
91994 Hungarian Grand Prix402000 Canadian Grand Prix702003 United States Grand Prix
101994 European Grand Prix412000 Italian Grand Prix712004 Australian Grand Prix
111995 Brazilian Grand Prix422000 United States Grand Prix722004 Malaysian Grand Prix
121995 Spanish Grand Prix432000 Japanese Grand Prix732004 Bahrain Grand Prix
131995 Monaco Grand Prix442000 Malaysian Grand Prix742004 San Marino Grand Prix
141995 French Grand Prix452001 Australian Grand Prix752004 Spanish Grand Prix
151995 German Grand Prix462001 Malaysian Grand Prix762004 European Grand Prix
161995 Belgian Grand Prix472001 Spanish Grand Prix772004 Canadian Grand Prix
171995 European Grand Prix482001 Monaco Grand Prix782004 United States Grand Prix
181995 Pacific Grand Prix492001 European Grand Prix792004 French Grand Prix
191995 Japanese Grand Prix502001 French Grand Prix802004 British Grand Prix
201996 Spanish Grand Prix512001 Hungarian Grand Prix812004 German Grand Prix
211996 Belgian Grand Prix522001 Belgian Grand Prix822004 Hungarian Grand Prix
221996 Italian Grand Prix532001 Japanese Grand Prix832004 Japanese Grand Prix
231997 Monaco Grand Prix542002 Australian Grand Prix842005 United States Grand Prix
241997 Canadian Grand Prix552002 Brazilian Grand Prix852006 San Marino Grand Prix
251997 French Grand Prix562002 San Marino Grand Prix862006 European Grand Prix
261997 Belgian Grand Prix572002 Spanish Grand Prix872006 United States Grand Prix
271997 Japanese Grand Prix582002 Austrian Grand Prix882006 French Grand Prix
281998 Argentine Grand Prix592002 Canadian Grand Prix892006 German Grand Prix
291998 Canadian Grand Prix602002 British Grand Prix902006 Italian Grand Prix
301998 French Grand Prix612002 French Grand Prix912006 Chinese Grand Prix
311998 British Grand Prix

Complete Formula One Results

1991Team 7UP JordanJordan 191Ford HBB 4 3.5 V8USABRASMRMONCANMEXFRAGBRGERHUNBEL Ret14th4
Camel Benetton FordBenetton B191Ford HBA 5 3.5 V8ITA 5POR 6ESP 6JPN RetAUS Ret14th4
1992Camel Benetton FordBenetton B191BFord HB 3.5 V8RSA 4MEX 3BRA 33rd53
Benetton B192Ford HB 3.5 V8ESP 2SMR RetMON 4CAN 2FRA RetGBR 4GER 3HUN RetBEL 1ITA 3POR 7JPN RetAUS 23rd53
1993Camel Benetton FordBenetton B193Ford HB 3.5 V8RSA RetBRA 34th52
Benetton B193BFord HB 3.5 V8EUR RetSMR 2ESP 3MON RetCAN 2FRA 3GBR 2GER 2HUN RetBEL 2ITA RetPOR 1JPN RetAUS Ret4th52
1994Mild Seven Benetton FordBenetton B194Ford Zetec-R 3.5 V8BRA 1PAC 1SMR 1MON 1ESP 2CAN 1FRA 1GBR DSQGER RetHUN 1BEL DSQITAPOREUR 1JPN 2AUS Ret1st92
1995Mild Seven Benetton RenaultBenetton B195Renault RS7 3.0 V10BRA 1ARG 3SMR RetESP 1MON 1CAN 5FRA 1GBR RetGER 1HUN 11 †BEL 1ITA RetPOR 2EUR 1PAC 1JPN 1AUS Ret1st102
1996Scuderia Ferrari S.p.A.Ferrari F310Ferrari 046 3.0 V10AUS RetBRA 3ARG RetEUR 2SMR 2MON RetESP 1CAN RetFRA DNSGBR RetGER 4HUN 9 †BEL 1ITA 1POR 3JPN 23rd59
1997Scuderia Ferrari MarlboroFerrari F310BFerrari 046/2 3.0 V10AUS 2BRA 5ARG RetSMR 2MON 1ESP 4CAN 1FRA 1GBR RetGER 2HUN 4BEL 1ITA 6AUT 6LUX RetJPN 1EUR RetDSQ‡78
1998Scuderia Ferrari MarlboroFerrari F300Ferrari 047 3.0 V10AUS RetBRA 3ARG 1SMR 2ESP 3MON 10CAN 1FRA 1GBR 1AUT 3GER 5HUN 1BEL RetITA 1LUX 2JPN Ret2nd86
1999Scuderia Ferrari MarlboroFerrari F399Ferrari 048 3.0 V10AUS 8BRA 2SMR 1MON 1ESP 3CAN RetFRA 5GBR DNSAUTGERHUNBELITAEURMAL 2JPN 25th44
2000Scuderia Ferrari MarlboroFerrari F1-2000Ferrari 049 3.0 V10AUS 1BRA 1SMR 1GBR 3ESP 5EUR 1MON RetCAN 1FRA RetAUT RetGER RetHUN 2BEL 2ITA 1USA 1JPN 1MAL 11st108
2001Scuderia Ferrari MarlboroFerrari F2001Ferrari 050 3.0 V10AUS 1MAL 1BRA 2SMR RetESP 1AUT 2MON 1CAN 2EUR 1FRA 1GBR 2GER RetHUN 1BEL 1ITA 4USA 2JPN 11st123
2002Scuderia Ferrari MarlboroFerrari F2001BFerrari 050 3.0 V10AUS 1MAL 31st144
2002Scuderia Ferrari MarlboroFerrari F2002Ferrari 051 3.0 V10BRA 1SMR 1ESP 1AUT 1MON 2CAN 1EUR 2GBR 1FRA 1GER 1HUN 2BEL 1ITA 2USA 2JPN 11st144
2003Scuderia Ferrari MarlboroFerrari F2002Ferrari 051 3.0 V10AUS 4MAL 6BRA RetSMR 11st93
2003Scuderia Ferrari MarlboroFerrari F2003-GAFerrari 052 3.0 V10ESP 1AUT 1MON 3CAN 1EUR 5FRA 3GBR 4GER 7HUN 8ITA 1USA 1JPN 81st93
2004Scuderia Ferrari MarlboroFerrari F2004Ferrari 053 3.0 V10AUS 1MAL 1BHR 1SMR 1ESP 1MON RetEUR 1CAN 1USA 1FRA 1GBR 1GER 1HUN 1BEL 2ITA 2CHN 12JPN 1BRA 71st148
2005Scuderia Ferrari MarlboroFerrari F2004MFerrari 053 3.0 V10AUS RetMAL 73rd62
2005Scuderia Ferrari MarlboroFerrari F2005Ferrari 055 3.0 V10BHR RetSMR 2ESP RetMON 7EUR 5CAN 2USA 1FRA 3GBR 6GER 5HUN 2TUR RetITA 10BEL RetBRA 4JPN 7CHN Ret3rd62
2006Scuderia Ferrari MarlboroFerrari 248 F1Ferrari 056 2.4 V8BHR 2MAL 6AUS RetSMR 1EUR 1ESP 2MON 5GBR 2CAN 2USA 1FRA 1GER 1HUN 8 †TUR 3ITA 1CHN 1JPN RetBRA 42nd121
2010Mercedes GP Petronas F1 TeamMercedes MGP W01Mercedes FO 108X 2.4 V8BHR 6AUS 10MAL RetCHN 10ESP 4MON 12TUR 4CAN 11EUR 15GBR 9GER 9HUN 11BEL 7ITA 9SIN 13JPN 6KOR 4BRA 7ABU Ret9th72
2011Mercedes GP Petronas F1 TeamMercedes MGP W02Mercedes FO 108Y 2.4 V8AUS RetMAL 9CHN 8TUR 12ESP 6MON RetCAN 4EUR 17GBR 9GER 8HUN RetBEL 5ITA 5SIN RetJPN 6KOR RetIND 5ABU 7BRA 158th76
2012Mercedes GP Petronas F1 TeamMercedes F1 W03Mercedes FO 108Z 2.4 V8AUS RetMAL 10CHN RetBHR 10ESP RetMON RetCAN RetEUR 3GBR 7GER 7HUN RetBEL 7ITA 6SIN RetJPN 11KOR 13IND 22 †ABU 11USA 16BRA 713th49
‡ Schumacher was disqualified from the 1997 World Drivers’ Championship due to dangerous driving in the European Grand Prix, where he caused an avoidable accident with Jacques Villeneuve. His points tally would have placed him in second place in that year’s standings.
† Driver did not finish the Grand Prix but was classified as he completed over 90% of the race distance.

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Driver Nationality Current/Last Team F1 Debut Status
Italian Sauber 1980 Canadian Grand Prix Died
Brazilian Benetton 1978 German Grand Prix F1 Legend
British Jordan Grand Prix 1984 Brazilian Grand Prix Retired
Italian Benetton 1977 Monaco Grand Prix Retired
Dutch Minardi 1994 Brazilian Grand Prix Retired
British Jaguar 1989 Brazilian Grand Prix Retired
British Jaguar 1993 Japanese Grand Prix Retired
Brazilian Williams 1993 South African Grand Prix Retired
Brazilian Williams 2002 Australian Grand Prix Retired
German Mercedes 2006 Bahrain Grand Prix F1 Legend


Team Nationality Debut Season Status
Jordan Grand Prix Irish 1991 Historic
Benetton British, Italian 1986 Historic
Ferrari Italian 1950 Current
Mercedes German 1954 Current