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  • Walter Wolf Racing Official Name
  • Reading, United Kingdom Base
  • 1977 F1 Debut
  • Walter Wolf Team Boss
  • Harvey Postlethwaite Technical Chief
  • 0 World Championships

Walter Wolf Racing was a Formula 1 constructor that competed from 1977 to 1979. Remarkably, the team won the first race it entered. Owned and operated by Canadian Walter Wolf, the team was headquartered in Reading, UK, but raced under a Canadian license.

Notable Team Members and Drivers

Jody Scheckter: Scheckter was the lead driver for Walter Wolf Racing during its peak years. His drives led the team to its first race win in Argentina in 1977. He went on to win at the Monaco and Canadian Grand Prix, securing him second place in the 1977 World Championship.

Harvey Postlethwaite: As the chief engineer for Walter Wolf Racing, Postlethwaite designed competitive cars such as the WR1, which achieved immediate success and the team’s strong performance during the 1977 season.

Walter Wolf: As the owner and founder of Walter Wolf Racing, he acquired assets from Hesketh Racing and hired Scheckter to great success.


In 1975, Slovenian-born Canadian businessman Walter Wolf began appearing at numerous Formula One races. The following year, he acquired 60% of Frank Williams Racing Cars, retaining Frank Williams as the team’s manager. Simultaneously, Wolf purchased the assets of Hesketh Racing, which had withdrawn from F1 due to financial difficulties, and obtained equipment from Embassy Hill after a tragic plane crash killed six people, including team owner Graham Hill and driver Tony Brise.

The team operated out of the Williams facility in Reading but used most of the cars and equipment from Hesketh Racing. The Hesketh 308C was rebranded as the Wolf–Williams FW05. Soon after, Harvey Postlethwaite joined as chief engineer, and drivers Jacky Ickx and Michel Leclère were hired. However, the team struggled, failing to qualify for several races. Leclère left after the French Grand Prix, replaced by Arturo Merzario, while Ickx was dropped after the British Grand Prix, leading to a series of pay drivers.

At the end of 1976, Wolf restructured the team, removing Frank Williams as manager and bringing in Peter Warr from Team Lotus. Disillusioned, Williams departed, taking Patrick Head and several others with him to form Williams Grand Prix Engineering. Under Postlethwaite’s design, the WR1, a conventional Cosworth package, was developed. With Jody Scheckter hired from Tyrrell, the team won its first race in Argentina, capitalising on the retirement of six cars ahead of Scheckter, who started tenth.

In the 1977 season, Scheckter won the 1977 Monaco Grand Prix and the 1977 Canadian Grand Prix, along with six other podium finishes. This performance earned him second place in the World Championship, behind Niki Lauda, and secured fourth place for Wolf in the 1977 Constructors’ Championship.


The team remained unchanged for the 1978 season. Harvey Postlethwaite introduced the WR5, a new car designed for the ground-effects era, which debuted at the 1978 Belgian Grand Prix. Jody Scheckter finished fourth in Spain and second in Germany, but the WR5 was soon replaced by the WR6. Scheckter concluded the season with a third-place finish at the 1978 US Grand Prix and a second-place finish in Canada, ending up seventh in the World Championship.

In 1979, Scheckter moved to Ferrari, and James Hunt was brought in as his replacement. Postlethwaite designed the WR7, which featured Olympus sponsorship. However, the car struggled, retiring more than seven times in the first half of the season. The WR8 was introduced mid-season, but it did little to improve performance. James Hunt retired mid-season, and Keke Rosberg was quickly hired to replace him. Despite the introduction of the WR9, the team’s fortunes did not improve. By the end of the year, Walter Wolf decided to exit Formula One, selling the team to Emerson Fittipaldi, who merged its assets into Fittipaldi Automotive.

Walter Wolf Racing Formula One World Championship Records

First entry1977 Argentine Grand Prix
Races entered48
Drivers’ Championships0
Race victories3
Pole positions1
Fastest laps2
Final entry1979 United States Grand Prix

Walter Wolf Racing Constructors’ Championship Results

Jody Scheckter554th
Jody Scheckter
Bobby Rahal
James Hunt
Keke Rosberg

Walter Wolf Racing Non-Championship Entries

1977WR3Jody Scheckter
James Hunt
Keke Rosberg

Walter Wolf Racing Private Entries

1978Theodore Racing Hong KongWR3
Keke Rosberg


Wolf Drivers

Driver Nationality Current/Last Team F1 Debut Status
South African Ferrari 1972 United States Grand Prix F1 Legend
British Wolf 1973 Monaco Grand Prix Died, F1 Legend
Finnish McLaren 1978 South African Grand Prix F1 Legend

Previous/Next Team Names

Team Nationality Debut Season Status
Frank Williams Racing Cars British 1969 Historic
Fittipaldi Brazilian 1975 Historic