Max Verstappen Makes F1 History With a 10th Consecutive Victory at the 2023 Italian Grand Prix

At the 2023 Italian Grand Prix, Max Verstappen raced to a historic 10th straight win, etching his name in the Formula One records.


By Ben Bush
Updated on February 8, 2024

Max Verstappen Makes F1 History With a 10th Consecutive Victory at the 2023 Italian Grand Prix

At the iconic Monza, known as the “Temple of Speed”, Max Verstappen trailed Carlos Sainz at the start of the race. However, on lap 14 of 51, he successfully passed the Ferrari frontrunner at the second chicane.

By race end, the Dutch racer set a new standard by surpassing the previous record he co-held with Sebastian Vettel, becoming the first Formula One driver to secure ten consecutive victories.

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Sergio Pérez, in the sister Red Bull, clinched second place, while Sainz managed to fend off a late challenge from his Ferrari teammate, Charles Leclerc, grabbing the third spot on the podium.

Following them, George Russell secured fifth place, with Lewis Hamilton finishing sixth after facing a penalty for an earlier collision with McLaren’s Oscar Piastri.

In awe of the accomplishment, Red Bull‘s team principal, Christian Horner, remarked, “That is history,” addressing Verstappen. “Unbelievable.”

Verstappen reflected on the achievement, saying, “I never would have believed that the record was possible, but we had to work for it today; that definitely made it a little bit more tough.” He added, “I was trying to stay patient. It was a very long race. I could see they were sliding a lot with the rear tyres so I just had to pick my moment.”

With 12 wins in the current season’s 14 rounds, Verstappen now holds a significant lead in the championship standings. Since his last loss at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix in late April, prospects seem bright for him to secure his third world championship title soon, especially with several races yet to be contested.

Sainz, energising the home crowd of 80,000 Ferrari fans, began with pole position, keeping hopes alive by fending off Verstappen during the race’s opening segment. With Ferrari’s Leclerc in third and the competition intensifying, Verstappen was sandwiched between the two Ferraris.

While many anticipated Verstappen’s Red Bull to overpower Sainz’s Ferrari easily, the race took an unexpected turn. Sainz’s resistance was a surprise, even to Verstappen. At one point, Verstappen commented, “That was naughty,” after a close encounter. Not long after, he observed, “They have a lot of top speed.”

However, by the 15th lap, Max Verstappen saw an opening. A slight error from Sainz gave Verstappen the momentum he needed, and the two racers were neck-and-neck until Verstappen seized the lead.

Sainz’s leadership during the race was noteworthy, leading more laps than any non-Red Bull driver this season. If this trend continues, Red Bull might achieve the unique feat of dominating the entire season.

In the subsequent laps, Perez, in the other Red Bull, advanced in the standings, with Leclerc and Russell trailing. Perez eventually overtook Sainz, solidifying Red Bull’s dominance.

Meanwhile, Hamilton faced challenges, including a tussle with Piastri, resulting in a penalty. Yet, he managed to race past several competitors, finishing with a decent lead, ensuring his penalty didn’t significantly affect his final position.

The race concluded with Alex Albon in seventh, followed by Norris and Alonso rounding out the top ten.

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