What Happened On This Day June 20 In F1 History?

From the formation of The Association Internationale des Automobile Clubs Recconus in 1904 to Michael Schumacher's win at the 2004 United States Grand Prix.

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Updated on June 17, 2024

Michael Schumacher Ferrari 2004 United States Grand Prix
Michael Schumacher wins the 2004 United States Grand Prix for Ferrari. The teams 175th F1 victory.

What happened on this day, June 20 in Formula 1 history? Find out interesting facts and stories about Formula 1 on this day.


The Association Internationale des Automobile Clubs Recconus (AIACR), the precursor to today’s FIA, was established in Paris. The organisation took on a role similar to the modern FIA, overseeing global motorsport activities and representing the interests of motorists worldwide.


Paul Pietsch, known for his pre-World War Two racing, competed primarily as a privateer and briefly with the Auto Union team. Although his career briefly overlapped with the FIA World Championship era, he primarily focused on his thriving publishing business during this time.


Italian racer Luigi Fagioli passed away on 20 June 1952. After World War II, the 52-year-old joined the Alfa Romeo team for the inaugural 1950 Formula One season, claiming five podium finishes in six races and placing third overall in the first FIA World Championship. His final Grand Prix, in 1951, was also a victorious one, where he won the 1951 French Grand Prix alongside Juan Manuel Fangio. Fagioli remains the oldest driver to win an F1 race, having competed in seven Grand Prix races, winning one.


Stirling Moss achieved his first podium at the 1954 Belgian Grand Prix. This race also featured Juan Manuel Fangio’s final appearance for Maserati in 1954, before he switched to Mercedes. Fangio secured the win, followed by Maurice Trintignant in a Ferrari and the promising young Moss.


During the 2004 United States Grand Prix at Indianapolis, Michael Schumacher clinched victory, a triumph shadowed by his near withdrawal from the race. This hesitation followed his brother Ralf Schumacher‘s severe accident caused by a tyre failure that hurled his car into the wall at high speed. Ralf suffered a concussion from the crash and subsequently missed six races. This victory marked Ferrari’s 175th win in Formula 1 history.

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