What Happened On This Day June 10 In F1 History?

From Ayrton Senna's third victory of the season at the 1990 Canadian Grand Prix to Lewis Hamilton's first Formula 1 victory at the 2007 Canadian Grand Prix.


By Ben Bush
Updated on June 10, 2024

Lewis Hamilton wins the 2007 Canadian Grand Prix
Lewis Hamilton wins the 2007 Canadian Grand Prix.

What happened on this day, June 10 in Formula 1 history? Find out interesting facts and stories about Formula 1 on this day.


Ayrton Senna claimed his third victory of the season at the 1990 Canadian Grand Prix, significantly bolstering his championship lead. His win was virtually assured after his McLaren teammate Gerhard Berger received a one-minute penalty for a false start, despite losing first gear early in the race. A heavy rain shower just before the race started made the track conditions slippery, leading to Jean Alesi‘s dramatic crash into a stationary Benetton.


At the 2001 Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal, it was a historical moment as the Schumacher brothers finished first and second, the first time siblings had done so in an F1 race. This time, it was the younger Ralf Schumacher who clinched the win, finishing 20.2 seconds ahead of Michael Schumacher in the Ferrari, earning his second victory of the season. Michael had been leading until a pit stop on lap 46 when Ralf seized the opportunity to set a series of fastest laps and established a significant lead. David Coulthard, chasing the championship, had a difficult day, retiring 16 laps before the finish due to severe discomfort caused by a blister on his backside. He noticed an issue from the start, finding a loose nut in the car during the parade lap, which caused the car to pull to the left and the suspension to drop, resulting in his painful injury.


Lewis Hamilton secured his first Formula 1 victory at the 2007 Canadian Grand Prix, his sixth race, after achieving podium finishes in all previous five races. This win allowed him to extend his lead in the drivers’ world championship by eight points over his McLaren teammate, Fernando Alonso. “I’ve been prepared for this win for quite some time, it was just a question of where and when,” Hamilton remarked. He dedicated his victory to his father, stating, “Without him, this wouldn’t have been possible.” In the final laps, he focused on counting them down to victory. The race was marked by numerous accidents, with the safety car deployed four times. Robert Kubica experienced a severe crash but miraculously escaped serious injury when his BMW-Sauber hit a wall head-on, rolled across the track, and slid sideways along another wall.

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