What Happened On This Day June 30 In F1 History?

From the tragic death of F1's first world champion, Nino Farina in 1966, to Damon Hill's win at the 1996 French Grand Prix for Williams.

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Updated on June 27, 2024

Damon Hill Wins 1996 French Grand Prix
Damon Hill wins the 1996 French Grand Prix for Williams, bringing home a Williams 1-2 finish.

What happened on this day, June 30 in Formula 1 history? Find out interesting facts and stories about Formula 1 on this day.


Jim Clark took home a commanding victory at the 1963 French Grand Prix in Reims, driving a Lotus-Climax. He triumphed over Tony Maggs in a Cooper-Climax and Graham Hill in a BRM. The race started under unusual circumstances: local officials allowed Graham Hill, who had stalled on the grid, to maintain his original starting position instead of moving to the back. Adding to the confusion, the race began with the unconventional use of a red flag to signal the start. Despite these distractions, Clark was unfazed and led the race from start to finish, securing his win by over a minute.


On this day, 30 June 1966, the world learnt of the tragic death of the first Formula 1 world champion, Nino Farina, who was killed in a road accident while en route to the 1966 French Grand Prix. Farina’s career, which spanned three decades, was marked by numerous serious racing incidents, making his death post-retirement a poignant irony. His sole championship win was fiercely contested; he entered the decisive race at Monza, trailing his Alfa Romeo teammates, Juan Manuel Fangio and Luigi Fagioli, in the points standings. Fortunately for Farina, he drove a newer model of the car than Fagioli, and when Fangio’s gearbox failed, Farina seized the opportunity to clinch the championship. His career wound down after enduring several severe crashes at the start of the 1954 season. He made a brief comeback in 1955 but was so afflicted by pain that he resorted to morphine for relief. Farina continued to compete in sports car races and the Indy 500 for a few more years before retiring permanently.


Ralf Schumacher was born on this day, 30 June 1975, in Hürth-Hermülheim near Cologne, Germany. Growing up alongside his older brother Michael Schumacher, Ralf began his racing career at a young age on their parents’ go-kart track in Kerpen. His progression led him from karts to Formula 3 in 1995, and his success in the Japanese Formula Nippon series paved the way for his Formula One debut with Jordan in 1997. Despite showing flashes of potential, Ralf struggled to emerge from the considerable shadow cast by his celebrated brother. His breakthrough came in 2001, capturing his first three Grand Prix victories at Imola, Montreal, and Hockenheim. He achieved further wins in Malaysia in 2002 and at the European and French Grands Prix in 2003, which marked the peak of his career. However, after a high-profile but ultimately disappointing shift to Toyota in 2005, his career began to wane, leading him to retire from Formula One two years later to pursue a career in DTM racing.


Damon Hill secure a victory at the 1996 French Grand Prix, with his teammate Jacques Villeneuve finishing second, resulting in a Williams 1-2 finish. This was the fourth Williams 1-2 of the season and significantly diminished Michael Schumacher’s chances of winning the championship in his inaugural season with Ferrari, especially after Schumacher’s engine catastrophically failed during the parade lap.

F1 Driver Birthday’s 30 June

Birth DateF1 Driver
30 June 1975Ralf Schumacher

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